Dry-wood corers

16-11-2023. First two batches sold out completely. Due to the sharply increased prices for the special steel needed for corers and the use of CNC machines over the last year, it has proven that it is not possible to produce another batch of corers to the highest standard any longer within an acceptable price range. Then either the price would have to increase sharply or the quality of the drills would have to decrease. Both are unacceptable to me. That is why I have decided to discontinue the current production of this line of corers.

Perhaps in the future it will be possible to find a cheaper way of production without abandoning quality requirements.


New 18mm dry-wood corers (and toolsets) are no longer available.

  • Silver 18 mm dry-wood corer.
  • Golden 18 mm dry-wood corer with Tin-coating.
  • Toolset

Corer Specifications:

  • Total length 300 mm.
  • External diameter 18 mm.
  • Internal diameter 11,5 mm.
  • Max sample length 230 mm.
  • Helix angle 35 degrees.
  • Number of flutes (spirals) 4.
  • Different angles for sharpening possible according to personal wishes.
  • PM HSS steel. Powder Metallurgy High Speed Steel.
  • A special extremely hard and smooth TIN-coating (Titanium Nitride Coating) can be applied.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Smaller diameter, less invasive.
  • Lighter, tougher PM HSS steel.
  • TIN-coating (extra).
  • Remains sharp longer.
  • Less friction.
  • Only 4 (wider) flutes thus:
  • Better dust and wood chip handling.

You can also order toolsets containing:
– Starter made from Vinplast Pa6, very durable and self-lubricating.
– Round steel bar for the extraction of samples from the core drill.
– Cutter-hook for the extraction of samples.
– Corer specs to be lasered on the stem of the corer.
– Your name/code to be lasered on the stem.

With the Toolset comes an extra white starter for free.

All prices excl. VAT, packing and shipping.

For information and orders:

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  • Netherlands
  • 0031 (0)682939576
  • www.houtdatering.nl
  • pdata@borghaerts.nl
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