Core drills

The drills will be available in:

New core drills will be available by the end of july 2023.

  • Testing, testing testing……..

  • Diameters 18 mm.
  • Helix angle 35 degrees.
  • Different angles for sharpening possible according to personal wishes.
  • A special TIN-coating can be applied that makes the drills much harder.

Unique selling points:

  • Smaller diameter, less invasive.
  • lighter, tougher steel.
  • Remains sharp longer.
  • Less friction.
  • Wider flutes and thus:
  • Better dust and wood chip handling.

Price without Tin-coating: E340,- excl. VAT, packaging and transport.

Price including Tin-coating (advised) E370,- excl. VAT, packaging and transport